Maintenance Inspection

For your peace of mind.

A PMI is a service we provide to keep your HVAC units running at their highest efficiency. It is best to keep your systems maintained annually. With the proper maintenance, home and business owners can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands on preventable repairs. Regular HVAC PMI's help keep your unit running efficiently, which in turn will reduce electricity consumption.  

At Alpha Air Solutions we provide thorough system checks that include the following:

-Check system functions, safety controls, and adjust    operating sequence where appropriate
-Clean condenser coil if needed 
-Check temperature splits on return and supply  ​
-Inspect and clean drain
-Add pan tabs to condensate drain  
-Inspect electrical components and connections
-Ensure proper airflow  
-Inspect pumps and motors
-Examine belts, adjust and align
-Check refrigerant levels 

We offer recurring Service Agreements to fit every schedule and every budget.

Call us and we'll make sure your equipment is ready for that Florida heat! 

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